Prison Projects


Showcased here are some of the prison projects we've successfully delivered through Public Private Partnerships and to Corrective Services Departments.

PrisonPC provides these correctional facilities with a range of required functions and services supporting basic numeracy and literacy education, work-place reentry programmes, vocational and distance education, integrated digital television, and other entertainment options.

These functions and services were chosen by the relevant facilities to increase staff and inmate safety, improve morale, make the correctional centre run more smoothly, help reduce recidivism, and improve the inmates' reintegration back into society and family life.

Alexander Maconochie Centre

Canberra, ACT


PrisonPC was deployed at Alexander Maconochie Centre in the ACT in 2009 and has been in continual and successful operation since then. The Alexander Maconochie Centre is a minimum to maximum security prison and remand centre for both male and female inmates and was the first prison in Australia to provide managed and secure email and Internet access to inmates which, coupled with a strong focus on education, places emphasis on societal and familial re-integration.

Marngoneet Correctional Centre

Lara, Victoria


The Marngoneet Correctional Centre, located west of Melbourne, holds sentenced inmates of medium security classification. PrisonPC was deployed in 2011 to address inmate education requirements and to provide access to Intranet information services including an Integrated Library System.

Hopkins Correctional Centre

Ararat, Victoria


Cyber IT Solutions has completed deployment of the world's largest full-featured, inmate-facing Prisoner Interactive Learning System as part of the Hopkins Correctional Centre Expansion Project.

Begun in 2013, the deployment of PrisonPC has made available a range of managed educational and boredom-reduction options to inmates at the facility, and allowed staff the ability to securely manage interactive services and television access while ensuring both their safety and that of the inmates.

Metropolitan Remand Centre

Ravenhall, Victoria


The Metropolitan Remand Centre is a maximum security remand facility located in Ravenhall, near Melbourne, and was commissioned in 2005. The initial business driver for PrisonPC was so remandees could prepare for their pending legal cases, and has subsequently grown to provide a platform for the secure delivery of educational and recreational content.