Secure Management

Staff member managing system

Day-to-day management of PrisonPC is performed through the secure unified management console which is accessible only by authorised staff on the isolated staff network. From their secure remote desktop staff are able to define automatic curfews, clandestinely monitor inmate activities, review quarantined correspondence, and so on.

No Software Maintenance Required

PrisonPC leverages the power and value of commodity desktop hardware to run applications on the local desktop while not allowing the inmates to access the underlying operating system or modify the application software. The absence of a local hard-drive entirely removes the burden of desktop software maintenance. Consequently regular audits for electronic contraband are performed from the secure management console rather than in the vicinity of the inmate population.

Desktop Management

All desktop computers are categorised into functional realms (cells, library, etc.), giving staff the flexibility to provide specific applications and curfews to only privileged users. For example, games and IPTV would be available only on the desktops in the cells whereas the office suite would be available to desktops in the education bloc.

As new PrisonPC desktops are introduced into the environment staff need only assign them to the appropriate realm, without any software installation. Desktops can be reallocated between realms quickly and easily by any authorised staff member.

From their secure console staff can broadcast pop-up alerts to inmates, remotely control desktops, clandestinely monitor an inmate's activity, and shut-down, power-up, or entirely disable a desktop. These management oversight features can be applied to an entire realm of desktops as easily as to a single and specific desktop.

Enforced Curfews

Curfews can be applied to entire categories of computers (cells, library, education) and to individual services (television, email). Inmates are restricted from using the computer or specific service until the relevant curfew is lifted.

Optical Media

Access to DVD and CD media may be restricted to specific users or desktops, reducing the value of the media as a tradeable commodity and ensuring unapproved media smuggled into the facility can not be used by the inmates.