Television sets are commonly permitted in inmates' cells for personal use. They offer valuable entertainment which leads to reduced boredom, however often prison staff have only limited control over the television sets. As with any electronic devices, televisions must be routinely checked for physical contraband and removal of TVs is sometimes necessary for disciplinary purposes.

Free-to-air Television

PrisonPC replaces legacy television sets and provides the content to the inmates on the desktop allowing the inmate to select a free-to-air or internal channel for personal viewing. This negates the need for a separate television set and offers education providers the ability to make educational video content available to inmates.

In support of prison policy, individual programmes or entire series' can be blocked so that inmates are unable to view inappropriate content. Additionally, staff can schedule content to be cached and time-shifted for inmates to view at a more suitable time.

Religious Services

Inmates can be permitted access to pre-recorded video and audio files of church services or similar in the privacy of their cells. Such files are often made freely available by churches of many denominations. This is particularly valuable to correctional facilities where inmates of minority religions might otherwise be subjected to intolerance and bullying.

Curfews and Blocked Programmes

As with other PrisonPC services, curfews can be applied to IPTV. Further, individual programmes can be blocked by staff, as is sometimes necessary to adhere to prison policy.