Managed Email


Email offers a valuable addition to the overall strategy of managed reintegration of inmates with their families and community, and it provides intel staff a powerful tool in their arsenal by allowing them to monitor communications in real time and to review and compare old correspondence with ease.

PrisonPC email can greatly reduce the amount of hand-written postal mail which must often be read manually to ensure it contains no inappropriate content.

Limited Email Addresses

The secure email service enables inmates to correspond with a limited list of addressees according to a strict set of rules which align with prison policy.

In most facilities, inmates are allowed a short list of people with whom they are permitted to communicate by telephone. Similarly, the email address filter enables staff to restrict the list of approved addressees on a per-inmate basis. The list might include the inmates' spouse, close family members, their solicitor, and similar.

Attempts to send email to unapproved addressees results in the message being automatically quarantined and flagged for intel attention. Incoming email is also subject to automatic validation via the pre-approved list, with unrecognised messages being similarly quarantined and flagged.

Email Filtering

Address filters alone are not sufficient, and so are supplemented by a set of filtering rules which perform deep analysis of each email before allowing delivery.

Filtering flow-chart

All incoming and outgoing email passes through the filtering mechanism which automatically quarantines any unapproved or tainted email for staff attention, enabling staff to review and approve or reject individual email messages prior to delivery.

Long-term Archive

All incoming and outgoing email is copied to a central archive mailbox which only staff have access to. Prison staff are able to view any email at any time, even well after delivery has occurred.