Teacher chatting with students

Most prisons today have programmes aimed at rehabilitating inmates by offering them a valuable education in preparation for their reintegration into society. Access to suitable educational material is becoming easier and more economical through computer-based resources, either hosted and delivered locally within the prison, or as online distance learning courses offered by universities around the world.

Computer-Based Training

Whether teaching basic numeracy and literacy programmes, work-place re-entry, or advanced university degrees, computer-based training is now the norm for educators. PrisonPC was designed to deliver an optimal platform for inmate education and training offering the delivery of instructional content via streaming media, self-paced learning, and tuition through hands-on experience with business desktop applications.

PrisonPC helps inmates improve their chances in the world beyond the correctional facility.

Computer Skills

To reduce recidivism offenders must have marketable job skills before re-entering society. Providing offenders with good workplace skills will make them more attractive to employers and thereby increase their chances of obtaining and maintaining a job upon release. While basic numeracy and literacy skills lay the foundation for academic and vocational training, computer skills are necessary in almost all non-labouring jobs.

PrisonPC succeeds in resolving the security issues relating to inmate computer use whilst providing the functionality required by education providers and correctional facilities.