Prisoner student at computer

Providing inmates with managed access to secure computer resources can make a positive impact on inmate morale, recidivism, staff safety, management of the facility, and to society in general.

Distance Education

Computer resources provide an excellent tool for inmate rehabilitation and therefore for the reduction of recidivism. PrisonPC was specifically designed as an optimal platform for delivering inmate education and training, offering the delivery of basic numeracy and literacy programmes, instructional content via streaming media, and tuition with hands-on business desktop applications. PrisonPC can help inmates improve their chances in the world beyond the correctional facility.

Managed Reintegration

Child recieving email from dad

Providing inmates with limited access to web and email resources enables correctional facilities to manage the reintegration of inmates as they approach their release date. Inmates are able to search for viable employment opportunities, be informed of news and current affairs, and can benefit from email with their family.

Reduction in Boredom

Many prisons today provide multimedia facilities to inmates in the form of televisions, radios, stereos, gaming consoles, and similar devices. PrisonPC consolidates all these devices into a single unit, reducing the opportunity for inmates to hide contraband, and passes ultimate control to staff to apply automatic curfews to individual features or revoke privileges entirely.